1.Urban Regional Planning

Urban system planning, urban nature and development orientation, urban construction and space layout of urban land, layout planning of urban transportation system, development goals and overall layout of urban infrastructure, rivers,lakes and green space system.

2.Integrated transport planning

Urban transportation modes, structures, network analysis and assessment, road network layout planning, urban public transport system, layout planning of traffic convergence methods, large public hubs and public transport station facilities, urban rail transit, BRT Feasibility analysis and traffic forecast, technical and economic evaluation of urban transport integrated networking solutions, consults of phased construction and transportation projects.

3.Road Professional Planning

Road professional planning, including regional traffic forecasting and analysis road network evaluation, road planning, community entrances planning, road intersection planning, bus transit planning combined with bus professional planning.

4.Bus Professional Planning

Regional road system, transportation facilities, networks, Analysis and evaluation of operators, regional transportation demand forecasting, the main passenger distribution area, channel analysis, public transport hubs and bus stops planning, transportation network restructuring plans, bus station laid plans, taxi facilities planning, rail connections planning, parking system planning, chronic transportation system planning, comprehensive planning program evaluation.

5.Traffic impact assessment

Base status, construction, planning and background analysis, background traffic analysis, new generated traffic analysis, taxi demand forecasting, traffic impact assessment of the surrounding road network, public transport impact assessment, impact assessment of static and slow traffic, entrances and exits optimization, motor vehicles, static traffic, slow traffic improvement measures and evaluation.

6.Port Planning

Port analysis and evaluation, throughput forecast and ship outlook, port basic nature and functions, port-site selection, shoreline use planning, land planning, waterways planning, collection and distribution system planning, port information and business system  planning, port facilities planning, environmental assessment and environmental protection planning, phased implementation plan, investment estimation and economic analysis.