BRT Project Planning from NanQiao Area to Oriental Sports Center Station

Date:2015/08/16    View 245 

At the end of 2011, we started to carry out the investigation of traffic system line selection in south area of Shanghai, and we completed the Bus Rapid Transit system engineering project proposal from NanQiao Area to Oriental Sports Center Station. Our research was approved by Municipal Development and Reform Commission in March 2014. Book items was established on the basis of line selection planning, in accordance with the implementation of the way "planning once, phased implementation" ,our research choose Puxing road for the channel in the near future, and choose Puye road for the channel in the forward, our research was focused on the recent research, and both reserving forward solution。To avoid long-term waste engineering in road designing, we put forward the design scheme meeting the recent and forward development, combining the reality of along the road planning and difficulty of implementation, and it was also cultivating passenger flows for the forward solution. The project was location to solve the sharp increase of traffic demand, support suburban new town development, adhere to create public transportation in Shanghai urban development goal, and it was the significance of reference to the development of traffic system in Shanghai. The project proposal won the 2014 excellent engineering consulting prize in Shanghai.