Static Traffic Specific Planning of Baoshan District

Date:2014/09/01    View 66 

To ease the parking contradictions of Baoshan District, to optimize the overall layout of the parking facilities in Old Town, New Town and new countryside, and to improve the urban transportation operating environment effectively, our institute formulated "Static Traffic Specific Planning of Baoshan District" in July 2013. The project investigated the static traffic situation of Baoshan District widely and deeply and predicted the future parking demand scientifically. A system research was conducted on accessory parking ratio, layout and construction form of public parking lots (garages), parking policy safeguards, and etc. The recent implementation planning was aimed at area which has serious parking contradiction, such as old residential areas, hospitals and schools. The planning won the third prize of "2014 Shanghai Excellent Engineering Consulting Achievement Award."


Public parking lots (garages) layout planning of Baoshan District