Specific Planning for the Location of Freight Terminals in Southwest Area

Date:2015/08/24    View 87 

According to the new Comprehensive Plan of Shanghai, we make use the opportunity of urban regeneration to build a safe and efficient citywide logistics and freight transport system. The Subject Plan is based on current freight development status of Shanghai, anticipates future trends of freight, which will complement the overall layout planning of Shanghai’s freight stations. To speed up the construction of freight corridors and terminals, promote the development of road freight, boost cargo facility construction, guide the development of the freight industry, and meet the needs of the freight industry management, the plan takes multi-factors into account to make site selection for freight stations, in accordance with current situation of the industry and cargo demand in the southwest area, deepen the implementation of the location of cargo hub station in the southwest area with a holistic view, and ensure the hub implementation conforms with the Detailed Regulatory Plan.