The Study of Comprehensive Traffic Demonstration Area Planning of Jiangwan-wujiaochang

Date:2015/08/16    View 194 

Jiangwan-wujiaochang, one of the four sub-centers of Shanghai, with a total area of 12.6 sq km, is located in the northeast of Shanghai.

In order to improve the traffic quality of Shanghai, the oriental international metropolis, to build a comprehensive transport system, and to explore the development experience which can be copied and promoted, study of this comprehensive traffic demonstration area planning is carried out recently.

We conducted a detailed research on the current situation of the traffic development of Jiangwan-wujiaochang. Integrating the results with the analysis of development trend, the demand forecast, and the experience at home and abroad, we proposed an overall strategic target – turning Wujiaochang into a more vital and charming sub-center and Jiangwan a pleasant and convenient residential community. Meanwhile, a specific index system was put forward from the perspectives of safety and order, convenient and reliability, low carbon and intensive, intelligent and efficient. “1 setup, 3 main lines, 5 traffic systems, 7 traffic networks and 9 tasks” was the thought of planning. From the points of “clearing courses, classifying systems, promoting circulation,and strengthening management”,comprehensive traffic system was created, which used road system as the base, public transport system as the dominant, parking system as the guarantee, slow traffic as the extension,and intelligent traffic system as the guide. The planning has certain innovation and demonstration. The study also clearly defined the short and long term implementation plan, giving direction for the construction of Jiangwan-wujiaochang comprehensive traffic demonstration area.