1.Traffic Information

Based on the improving information network, participants provide the real-time traffic information to traffic information centers by sensors and transmission equipment on the road, car, transfer station, park and meteorological center. Through information processing, provide real-time road, bus, transfer, weather, parking and other trip-related information to traffic paticipants, who determine their own trip, choose the route by this information.

2.Traffic Monitoring

On the base of data collection of complete real-time traffic information, monitor urban transport by dynamic or static camera, traffic flow data, traffic building information and other support facilities etc.

3.Traffic Management

Through information collection, processing and transmission systems to facilitate the detection of traffic management control and management of road traffic, provide communication links between roads, vehicles and drivers. Monitor the traffic conditions, traffic accidents, weather conditions and traffic environment in real time. Process traffic information through advanced vehicle detection technology and computer information technology, and control lights, roads, rescue accidents, publish guidance information according to the information collected.