Shanghai Urban Transport Design Institute was established in 1978, under Shanghai Municipal Transport Commission and Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute (SMEDI). Shanghai Municipal Transport Commission is the administrative authority of Shanghai comprehensive transportation, SMEDI is a leading enterprise in municipal design and consulting field. We now has qualifications of urban planning, municipal utilities, architectural design, engineering consulting, energy conservation. Institute consists of planning and design department, architectural design department and energy conservation and other business sectors. Our business direction cover urban planning, transportation planning, transportation architectural design, municipal public transportation design and transportation consulting etc. We have more than 30 skilled technicians, with the title of registered city planner, registered architect, registered structural engineer, registered public facility engineer, registered electrical engineer (power supply), registered cost engineers, registered consultant and registered drainage engineer etc.

Our institute takes hold in Shanghai so as to serve the whole nation. With a research history of over 30 years in the field of architectural design, our institute has a strong technical force and stands apart from others in design area. We have plentiful experience in construction of integrated transport hub, long-distance bus station, public transport station, multi-level parking lot or garage of large buses, public transportation maintenance workshop, bus maintenance field, trolley rectifier station, etc. By summing up a process fit for urban public transport industry, we introduces new concepts and brings forth new ideas for the specialty design of transport hub station. 

In recent years, we adheres to the enterprise spirit of “faith, quality, innovation, excellence”, having accomplished urban planning ,integrated transport planning, specialized transport planning, public transport planning, traffic planning and “Twelve-Five” development planning and other projects over 20 provinces around China, including Shanghai, Chongqing, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Zhejiang, Gansu etc. In the meantime, we play an active part in the research on state-level major projects , taking on key, hot, difficult subjects and projects such as internal and external public transport planning of Expo Park, integrated transport hub planning of Hongqiao, Hongqiao business district planning, transport planning of Disneyland areas, operations support of Expo new energy automobiles, Shanghai’2 counterpart support of public passenger transport planning for the 4 towns of Kashi in Xinjiang Province. Gathering rich experience of plan and design, we make an outstanding contribution to the urban transport planning and construction in Shanghai and the rest of China.